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"Of course, that's just my opinion, and I may be full of shit"
- Dennis Miller -

What is a Liberal (Liberalism)?

The problem with labels goes circular: as folks try and apply them to generalize, since they want to be experts without taking take the time to learn the details, this invariably leads to both misuse and in turn generally accepted alterations in meaning of the labels themselves (dilution). Using a label sucks, and then even the label sucks. For example, the very ironic contemporary usage of "ignorant" when attempting to insult someone as being stupid, which now seems to be an accepted aberration of the terminology. And, casually calling someone "gay"... way out of control.

Among others, this is embarrassingly true for the decades surrounding the 20-21st century transition with extensive ignorant use of the label "Liberal". Not knowing the meanings, nor thinking deeply to appreciate the various philosophy's motivations, this term has been reduced essentially to: "someone our clan hates". This definition, through usage, seems accepted by vast numbers of folks, most of whom seem to infer it to mean "everything we hate" but who have no idea what "Liberalism" really means (was, should be, is being diluted from). Of course this is "entertaining", but a lot of folks seem to be confused about the lines between entertainment and reality.

Reading what my best objective research confirms to be a reasonably solid and deep set of definitions of the term "Liberalism", quite clearly most folks labeling me thus have no idea what they are saying. Thus, when I accept the label these folks assume they are right. They know me. In fact they continue to have as little understanding of my ideas as is possible, thus failing at their "time saving labeling" objective. Even worse, many become upset since I have not been insulted, which is almost subconsciously what most most of them wanted to do in the first place.

Remove the mask: just call me an asshole instead.

This extra circular aspect of the "labeling" problem, wherein lazy use of labeling is further aggravated by the ignorance of the lazy folks resorting to labeling, is yet one more reason why I hate labels. It is also one more reason why those using labels to convince themselves and others they understand me, fail miserably.

Sadly, most often those who have muddled the use of words like "Liberalism" will work hard to warp any definition provided so that is suits there needs, and defend their pride. Rather than try and understand true meanings, and each person, they simply wish to pigeon hole so that they can feel good about themselves.

But, no matter to me, I guess, since I am almost one of the computer race by now; and computers can still recognize a widget as a rose (via no matter what the label, perhaps making computers better than people.